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Thursday, Apr. 27, 2017
Hearings to examine United States Pacific Command and United States Forces Korea.
Hearings to examine aging without community, focusing on the consequences of isolation and loneliness.
Hearings to examine countering Russia, focusing on further assessing options for sanctions, including S.94, to impose sanctions in response to cyber intrusions by the Government of the Russian Federation and other aggressive activities of the Russian Federation, and S.341, to provide for congressional oversight of actions to waive, suspend, reduce, provide relief from, or otherwise limit the application of sanctions with respect to the Russian Federation.
Hearings to examine H.R.339, to amend Public Law 94-241 with respect to the Northern Mariana Islands.
Business meeting to consider the nomination of Scott Gottlieb, of Connecticut, to be Commissioner of Food and Drugs, Department of Health and Human Services.
Hearings to examine preventing veteran suicide.
Closed hearings to examine certain intelligence matters.
Hearings to examine cyber-enabled information operations.
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
To receive a briefing on Russia's human rights violations against Ukrainian citizens.
Tuesday, May. 2, 2017
Hearings to examine the United States-European Union covered agreement.
An oversight hearing to examine federal payments to local governments provided through the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act and the Payment in Lieu of Taxes program and the need to provide greater fiscal certainty for resource-dependent communities with tax-exempt federal lands.
Hearings to examine the nomination of Terry Branstad, of Iowa, to be Ambassador to the People's Republic of China, Department of State.
Hearings to examine responses to the increase in religious hate crimes.
Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe
To receive a briefing on post-referendum Turkey, focusing on institutions and human rights.
Hearings to examine United States European Command, focusing on theater assessment and European Reassurance Initiative (ERI) progress; to be immediately following by a closed hearing in SVC-217.
Wednesday, May. 3, 2017
Hearings to examine Department of Defense laboratories and their contributions to military operations and readiness.
Hearings to examine investing in America's broadband infrastructure, focusing on exploring ways to reduce barriers to deployment.
Hearings to examine infrastructure project streamlining and efficiency, focusing on achieving faster, better, and cheaper results.
Hearings to examine global philanthropy and remittances and international development.
An oversight hearing to examine the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Hearings to examine defense innovation and research funding.
Hearings to examine the economy and private sector growth.
Hearings to examine building a flexible personnel system (F.A.S.T. Force) for a modern military.
Thursday, May. 4, 2017
Hearings to examine United States Special Operations Command.
Hearings to examine reauthorization of the National Flood Insurance Program.
Hearings to examine the threat posed by electromagnetic pulse and policy options to protect energy infrastructure and to improve capabilities for adequate system restoration.
Hearings to examine international development, focusing on value added through private sector engagement.
Business meeting to consider pending calendar business.
Hearings to examine telemedicine in the Department of Veterans Affairs, focusing on leveraging technology to increase access, improve health outcomes, and lower costs.
Hearings to examine questions, answers, and perspectives on the current state of airline travel.
Monday, May. 8, 2017
Hearings to examine Russian interference in the 2016 United States election.
Wednesday, May. 10, 2017
Hearings to examine S.772, to amend the PROTECT Act to make Indian tribes eligible for AMBER Alert grants, and S.825, to provide for the conveyance of certain property to the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium located in Sitka, Alaska.
Hearings to examine aging with community, focusing on building connections that last a lifetime.


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