Governors are sent by Him to punish the evildoers and praise the virtuous (1 Peter 2:14).

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Today, Sep. 23, 2017
No committee hearings scheduled
Monday, Sep. 25, 2017
Hearings to examine the Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson proposal.
Tuesday, Sep. 26, 2017
An oversight hearing to examine the Securities and Exchange Commission.
Hearings to examine the nominations of Bruce J. Walker, of New York, to be an Assistant Secretary (Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability), and Steven E. Winberg, of Pennsylvania, to be an Assistant Secretary (Fossil Energy), both of the Department of Energy.
Hearings to examine special counsels and the separation of powers.
Hearings to examine managing security assistance to support foreign policy.
Hearings to examine Federal Trade Commission stakeholder perspectives, focusing on reform proposals to improve fairness, innovation, and consumer welfare.
Wednesday, Sep. 27, 2017
Hearings to examine threats to the homeland.
Hearings to examine encouraging the next generation to visit National Parks.
An oversight hearing to examine the Government Accountability Office reports on human trafficking of Native Americans in the United States.


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