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Mr. FLAKE. Mr. President, with a heavy heart I wish to mark the passing of a pillar of the Arizona law enforcement community.

When people think of the Old West, they often picture a Stetson- wearing lawman sitting astride his horse, keeping watch over his community.

For generations of residents in southwestern Arizona, that lawman was Yuma County Sheriff Ralph Ogden.

With his towering frame and trademark mustache, Sheriff Ogden looked every bit the part.

Despite his imposing physical presence, Sheriff Ogden was a kind, compassionate man, beloved by his deputies and celebrated by his community.

After 4 years of distinguished service in the U.S. Marine Corps, Ralph Ogden began his 42-year law enforcement career as a dispatcher and jailer in Parker, AZ.

A dedicated public servant, he would eventually serve as chief deputy for 12 years.

Ralph would go on to be elected to five consecutive terms as sheriff, with [[Page S1539]] his 20-year tenure the longest in Yuma County history.

Sheriff Ogden always understood the importance of getting to know the community he served and encouraged his employees to get involved in charities, religious groups, and service organizations.

He valued teamwork and recognized that no one can succeed on their own.

This philosophy of always having each other's back was something he carried with him throughout his time with the sheriff's office, and it was reflected in the way he treated those around him.

Sheriff Ogden was known to write personal birthday and anniversary cards for each of his employees, just to show that he valued their service and friendship and that they were important to him.

When asked about the benefits of serving in law enforcement, Sheriff Ogden said that, when you go home tired and beat after a long day, you sleep well knowing you did some good.

Sheriff Ralph Ogden did a lot of good, and I know he is resting well. ____________________


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