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                       EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY

  (Mr. PRICE of North Carolina asked and was given permission to 
address the House for 1 minute.)

Mr. PRICE of North Carolina. Mr. Speaker, tomorrow, March 3, is Employee Appreciation Day; and since we [[Page H1469]] won't be in session, I rise today to register my appreciation for the staff members who allow me to serve the people of the Fourth District of North Carolina.

The current political and media environment is not always an easy one for congressional staff to operate in, yet, every year, the staffers working in my North Carolina district offices help thousands of constituents navigate Federal agencies. They reach out to local businesses, governments, and other organizations, and help constituents access needed support.

In Washington, D.C., our office staff researches thousands of pieces of legislation. They help me communicate with hundreds of thousands of constituent communications, and help welcome constituents to Washington. And they join me in meetings with constituent groups and local and State representatives and universities and businesses--every imaginable group.

So the list of tasks is long, but all of them help ensure that the people of the Fourth District of North Carolina have a voice in the people's House. Simply put, these staff members that serve all of us represent the very best of public service. I and the people of North Carolina are grateful for their service.

Mr. Speaker, in recognition of their dedication and diligence, I would like to include in the Congressional Record the names of each of my staff currently employed in my office:

Nadia Alston, Katelynn Anderson, Sonia Barnes, Nora Blalock, Bayly Hassell, Asher Hildebrand, James Hunter, Lawrence Kluttz, Tracy Lovett, Sean Maxwell, Neel Mandavilli, Dave Russell, Samantha Schifrin, Anna Tilghman, Justin Wein, Leigh Whittaker, and Robyn Winneberger.

I am grateful, Mr. Speaker, for the effort that these staff members continue to put forth and for the opportunity that Employee Appreciation Day gives me and others to honor their service. ____________________

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