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                           HON. JACK BERGMAN

                              of michigan

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, March 16, 2017

Mr. BERGMAN. Mr. Speaker, it's an honor to recognize Mr. Brett French as this year's individual recipient of the Distinguished Service Award (DSA). The Lake Superior Community Partnership's Distinguished Service Award is extended to businesses and individuals who support economic development in Marquette County. [[Page E337]]

After earning bachelor's and master's degrees from Central Michigan University, French served as a public policy and environmental consultant before settling in Ishpeming and beginning his career with American Transmission Co. (ATC), a high-voltage electric transmission system company. As the external affairs manager for ATC, French contributes to Marquette County's development by streamlining and enhancing access to affordable electricity for hundreds of communities across Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Having been with ATC for 16 years now, French is responsible for developing, coordinating, and managing relationships between ATC and the Michigan-based customers and stakeholders who make ATC's work possible.

French participates in numerous community development organizations and remains devoted to improving American infrastructure and the quality of life in the Upper Peninsula. His commitment to economic development is exemplified through his service with Marquette County's Economic Development Corp., Dickinson Economic Development Alliance, and Operation Action U.P., where he works to identify and address regional opportunities that advance economic development in our state's most rural areas. French also understands the importance of learning the skills needed to succeed in today's economy. In conjunction with the Midwest Skills Development Center Advisory Board and NICE Community Schools, he has provided the guidance to equip the next generation of great leaders with the skills they need to succeed. French's commitment to his profession, community, and neighbors has been essential to his success, and I am confident that he will continue to inspire others in the community to take an active role in improving the quality of life in the Upper Peninsula.

Mr. Speaker, French's accomplishments in service to the Upper Peninsula cannot be understated, and his family and community can take pride in knowing that Northern Michigan is a better place thanks to his work. On behalf of Michigan's First Congressional District, I congratulate Mr. Brett French and wish him well as he continues to make a difference in the lives of others. ____________________

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