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                       HONORING SHAWN T. ANDERSON

  (Mr. HIGGINS of Louisiana asked and was given permission to address 
the House for 1 minute.)

Mr. HIGGINS of Louisiana. Mr. Speaker, I rise today with a saddened heart for my friend and comrade Sergeant Shawn T. Anderson, a veteran and highly decorated police officer, who was shot dead on Saturday evening as he attempted to arrest a rape suspect.

Sergeant Anderson died as he lived: in honorable service to the people of his State, Louisiana, and his city, Baton Rouge, wearing the uniform of my comrade and friend Sheriff Sid Gautreaux of the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office.

Mr. Speaker, there are 435 Members of this esteemed body. We wear a small badge upon our lapel to acknowledge our service to the citizens of the country we love.

One million of us across the country wear another badge, resembling this one, of various shapes and colors. We are the thin blue line. When we lose a brethren or sistren, we place a mourning band upon our badge. Over the course of the last decade, it has been difficult to remove my mourning badge because we wear them for 7 days, and I find myself never quite able to get the mourning band removed from the badge that I wear.

My soul and my heart delivers unto my lips constant prayer for the family of my brother Sergeant Anderson, for his fellow deputies, his community, and, indeed, for our Nation.

Our job begins with an oath. That oath is not an oath of allegiance to a sheriff or a chief or a marshal. It is an oath of allegiance to the institutional principles that our badges represent. Sergeant Anderson gave his last life's blood in service to all of us.

I thank the Speaker for allowing me to honor my fallen comrade. ____________________


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