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  (Ms. KAPTUR asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 

Ms. KAPTUR. Mr. Speaker, recently while announcing his manufacturing jobs initiative, President Trump said: “Everything is going to be based on bringing our jobs back. The good jobs, the real jobs. They have to come back.”

Well, this month, more than 700 idled U.S. Steel workers in Lorain, Ohio, were notified they will permanently lose their jobs come this June. Lorain has lost over 1,000 steel jobs since 2015. It is ground zero on the trade and jobs front. This stalwart town and its dear people have been battered by continuing job washout in steel due to unfair trade practices and closed markets abroad, particularly with China and Russia.

Through no fault of their own, workers in too many of America's steel towns are hurting because of foreign product dumped on U.S. soil undercutting our very way of life.

Last week, I invited Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to visit Lorain to witness firsthand the urgency of stabilizing our manufacturing sector and fulfilling President Trump's job promises of only a few months ago.

If our Nation is going to stem the tide of job losses caused by one- sided trade deals on an uneven global playing field, there is no better place to start than Lorain, Ohio. Please, President Trump and Commerce Secretary Ross, come to Lorain, Ohio. ____________________


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