Governors are sent by Him to punish the evildoers and praise the virtuous (1 Peter 2:14).

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Reverend Dr. Dan C. Cummins, Skyline Wesleyan Church, San Diego, California, offered the following prayer:

Almighty God and Father, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. It is like sweet perfume upon our heads.

Let us walk together in the vocation wherewith we are called, with all lowliness and meekness, forbearing one another in love, keeping the unity of the spirit in the bonds of kindness, till we all come into the harmony of faith and the knowledge of God's Son unto a more perfect union, till we are no longer children tossed and carried about by every wind of opposition.

Let us speak the truth in love that we may grow up into You in all things.

Sanctify us, Lord, through the truth. Thy Word is truth.

And the glory You have given us; for what purpose, O God? That we may be one? Yes, that we all may be one.

I pray this in Jesus' name.

Amen. ____________________


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