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                            HON. TRENT KELLY

                             of mississippi

                    in the house of representatives

                        Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mr. KELLY of Mississippi. Mr. Speaker, today I rise in memory of Master Sergeant (MSG) Horace Nash. MSG Nash died from injuries he sustained in a car accident on May 13, 2017. MSG Nash was well-known for his devotion to God, family and military service.

MSG Nash enjoyed playing sports growing up including football, baseball, and basketball. He excelled at all three. MSG Nash graduated from Carthage High School in 1996. The same year he enlisted in the Mississippi Army National Guard. During his 20 years of service, he deployed with Company A 150th Engineer Battalion, served as the Intelligence NCOIC for the 168th Engineer Brigade, and was a member of the 150th Brigade Engineer Battalion. He divided his time between the Mississippi Army National Guard and PECO Foods in Sebastopol where he was employed.

MSG Nash's sister, Paula Nash-Hogan, says her younger brother's dream was to be in the military and to also serve as a police officer. He achieved both of those goals. “He wasn't my only military brother, but he was my favorite military brother,” Paula said. “I was like his second mom. I am extremely proud. From the scale of 1-10, it would be 100. I love him.”

Mississippi Army National Guard SGT Greg Wells, a childhood friend, served with MSG Nash during a deployment to Iraq from July 2004 until January 2006. He says if there was one word to describe MSG Nash, it would be “tenacious.” “He was one of those guys you knew would make a mark in this world,” Wells said. “Horace did everything right.”

MSG Nash is survived by his wife, Nilah Nash; his mother, Annie Bell Nash; his children, Charmecia Nash, Jawaunya Nash, Madison Nash, Colton Nash, and Katelyn Nash; four stepchildren, Armando, Aveon, Amarion, and Azavier Hayes; three sisters, Shelia Nash, Paula (Stacey) Nash-Hogan, Wanda Dortch; three brothers, Marvin (Jacqueta) Nash, Robert (Ruth Ann), and Deonday (April) Nash; best friends/brothers, Kendall Hall, Desmond Reed, Jr., and Mashawn Leflore.

MSG Nash's devotion to serving our nation will always be remembered. ____________________

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