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                     HONORING ELEANORE deVADETZSKY


                           HON. DWIGHT EVANS

                            of pennsylvania

                    in the house of representatives

                        Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mr. EVANS. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor a noted centenarian of Philadelphia, Ms. Eleanore deVadetzsky.

Eleanore deVadetzsky was born in Pennsylvania Hospital on June 11, 1917, to Minna (nee Wolfsohn) and Tevye Rosenstein of Olney and Wynnefield. It was just months after the entry of the U.S. into WW I. Tevye had a trained voice, a choir leader, opera enthusiast, taught music and song and was a strong supporter of the founding of Israel.

Minna fled an unhappy family situation in Latvia, when a very young woman, making her way alone to the New World, with little more than a suitcase crammed with philosophy books, Spinoza and Maimonides. She was a homemaker, suffragette, and struggling businesswoman, who prized education and always had a book in her hands. She studied science, and upon graduating, became a chemist, first at Tastycake Bakery and later, at Whitman's Chocolates.

Along the way, Eleanore Rosenstein met the dashing Vladimir, aka Walter, deVadetzsky, who bore a striking resemblance to actor Richard Ney, and was on his way to the South Pacific to fight in World War II. They wrote letters during his absence, and they were married on his return.

They managed to travel to far-flung places around the globe such as China, Japan, Australia for the '56 Olympics, pre-Castro Cuba, Central and South America, and almost every European country, making friends wherever they were. Both here and abroad, Eleanore & Walter enjoyed theater, ballet, music and art.

For many years, they both volunteered at Pennsylvania and Graduate hospitals. When Walter passed away in 2005, Eleanore continued volunteering at Pennsylvania Hospital and CHOP, until 2010, when she was sidelined with a broken ankle. She never touched alcohol, but always had a cocktail waiting for Walter at the end of the day, and was a connoisseur and devotee of dark chocolate, to which she attributed her longevity. Eleanore frequently visited with family and friends around the globe by telephone.

Sadly, Eleanore passed away on Tuesday, June 13, 2017 from complications of dementia. Her family and friends celebrated her 100th birthday and said goodbye on Sunday, June 11. She is survived by her cousins Rosenstein, Winitz, Wagner, Dichter, Kaplan & Vaughan. ____________________

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