Governors are sent by Him to punish the evildoers and praise the virtuous (1 Peter 2:14).

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                             LEVI MICHAELS


                           HON. ED PERLMUTTER

                              of colorado

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mr. PERLMUTTER. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize and applaud Levi Michaels for receiving the Arvada Wheat Ridge Service Ambassadors for Youth award. Levi Michaels is a student at Mandalay Middle School and received this award because his determination and hard work have allowed him to overcome adversities. The dedication demonstrated by Levi Michaels is exemplary of the type of achievement that can be attained with hard work and perseverance. It is essential students at all levels strive to make the most of their education and develop a work ethic which will guide them for the rest of their lives. I extend my deepest congratulations to Levi Michaels for winning the Arvada Wheat Ridge Service Ambassadors for Youth award. I have no doubt he will exhibit the same dedication and character in all of his future accomplishments. ____________________


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