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                         GRACE JONES RETIREMENT


                             HON. RON KIND

                              of wisconsin

                    in the house of representatives

                        Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mr. KIND. Mr. Speaker, I rise to bring to the attention of my colleagues the good work of Grace Jones, who is retiring on July 14th as the executive director for the past 31 years of Couleecap. The people, families, and communities of western Wisconsin are better off as a result of her work and leadership.

As a community action agency, Couleecap serves low-income people and families in Vernon, La Crosse, Crawford, and Monroe counties, with programs that help people with housing, including home ownership and rehabilitation; weatherization and other energy efficiency measures; employment and training; transportation; food and clothing; and drug use prevention. However, under Grace's leadership, Couleecap continues to evolve with the needs of the community. Many people attribute Couleecap's success to Grace's ability to recognize and understand the needs and the challenges ofthe people that she and the agency serves.

Trained as a teacher, Grace began her work with Couleecap as a specialist working with at-risk youngsters. “As a teacher, I tried to instill in very student the hope and belief that they could achieve their dreams with hard work and persistence,” Grace told the La Crosse Tribune. With her work at Couleecap, she has been able to help people grow, better themselves, and improve countless lives and families along the way.

Over the years, Grace has received a number of awards for her work. While appreciative of the attention, she has never forgotten the reason for her work, telling the La Crosse Tribune, “At Couleecap, we are so glad that we can help families with encouragement, hope and the tools that they need.” She continues, “we prefer to believe we live in a land of great opportunity equally available to everyone. This is not true. Discrimination and poverty still exist--and too many people have talents that are quickly buried under poverty's crushing weight. For these talents to flourish, there must be equal opportunity for all.”

I thank Grace Jones for her work at Couleecap. Her work has made a real and lasting impression to the people and communities she served. ____________________

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