Governors are sent by Him to punish the evildoers and praise the virtuous (1 Peter 2:14).

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[Congressional Record Volume 163, Number 121 (Tuesday, July 18, 2017)]
[Page S4029]
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The PRESIDENT pro tempore. Today's opening prayer will be offered by Dr. Hance Dilbeck, senior pastor of Quail Springs Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, OK.

We are very happy to welcome him here.

The guest Chaplain offered the following prayer:

Let us pray.

O Lord, You made Heaven and Earth and all that dwell therein. We praise You as our Creator. You rule above men and nations as the King of Glory, and we praise You as our King.

Father, we bow before You humbly because we believe that You judge men and nations, and we praise You as our judge, and we delight this morning that Jesus teaches us to call You our Father.

And, Father, we give You thanks for the freedom that we have in this Nation. We thank You for those who fight and serve to protect those freedoms. We thank You for the men and women who serve here in this Chamber. We ask that You give them wisdom, that You guide their decisions.

We pray, Father, that You give us grace as a nation and that You give the men and women in this Senate grace to seek justice and love mercy and to walk humbly with You.

In Christ's Name we pray. Amen. ____________________


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