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                      TRIBUTE TO PETER JOHN CAMINO

Mr. ENZI. Mr. President, I wish to speak on behalf of Peter John Camino, who is being inducted into the Wyoming Agriculture Hall of Fame. Every year since 1992, Wyoming has recognized individuals who have made substantial contributions to agriculture in our State. As a third-generation rancher dedicating much of his life to Wyoming's agriculture industry, Peter John is well deserving of this honor.

Peter John grew up on his ranch that his grandfather founded near Buffalo, WY. After attending college, he joined [[Page S4614]] the military and served honorably for several years. Ultimately, the ranch lifestyle called him home and he returned to Wyoming to take over the family operation. Peter John has said the sheep business was thriving upon his return and fondly remembers the community support and good times.

Fortunately for Wyoming, Peter John not only stuck with the agriculture industry during the good times, but took on leadership positions and persevered through the hard times as well. Peter John served as president of the Wyoming Wool Growers Association and played a crucial role in strengthening the organization. He has been described by coworkers and friends as a courageous leader who would always take time to listen to members of the organization. As president, he guided the sheep industry through some tough times and advocated for its cause at the local and Federal levels.

Leadership, courage, and collaboration are only some of the admirable qualities Peter John possesses. He has also shown dedication and selflessness while volunteering in his community and passing on his knowledge of the agriculture industry to younger generations. In addition to volunteering with his church and Knights of Columbus, serving on the board for Johnson County Fire District, and advising the University of Wyoming's Sheep Program, he also serves as sheep superintendent for the Johnson County Fair and often invites schoolkids to his ranch to teach them about ranching, the sheep industry, and the value of wool.

I want to extend my congratulations to Mr. Camino and thank him for his service and years of hard work. Peter John truly lives the “Code of the West,” and I am proud to have the opportunity to recognize his achievements as an inductee into the Wyoming Agriculture Hall of Fame. Wyoming is well served by his lasting and continuing contributions to our State. ____________________

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