Governors are sent by Him to punish the evildoers and praise the virtuous (1 Peter 2:14).

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The Chaplain, Dr. Barry C. Black, offered the following prayer:

Let us pray.

Our Father, be with us not only in great moments of experience but also during mundane and common tasks of life. Through the power of Your Spirit, make our Senators mount up with wings like eagles, running without weariness and walking without fainting. Lord, give them the wisdom to be patient with others, ever lenient to their faults and ever prompt to appreciate their virtues. Rule in their hearts, keeping them from sin and sustaining their loved ones in all of their tomorrows. Surround them with the shield of Your favor, as You provide them with a future and a hope, accomplishing in their lives more than they can ask or imagine.

We pray in Your sovereign Name. Amen. ____________________


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