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[Congressional Record Volume 163, Number 185 (Monday, November 13, 2017)]
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Committee Meetings

Committee on Rules: Full Committee held a hearing on H.R. 2810, the 
“National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018”; and H.R. 
2874, the “21st Century Flood Reform Act”. The Committee granted, by 
record vote of 8-2, a closed rule for H.R. 2874. The rule provides one 
hour of debate equally divided and controlled by the chair and ranking 
minority member of the Committee on Financial Services. The rule waives 
all points of order against consideration of the bill. The rule 
provides that the amendment printed in part A of the Rules Committee 
report, modified by the amendment printed in part B of the Rules 
Committee report, shall be considered as adopted and the bill, as 
amended, shall be considered as read. The rule waives all points of 
order against provisions in the bill, as amended. The rule provides one 
motion to recommit with or without instructions. In section 2, the rule 
provides for the consideration of the Conference Report to accompany 
H.R. 2810. The rule waives all points of order against the conference 
report and against its consideration. The rule provides that the 
conference report shall be considered as read. The rule provides that 
the previous question shall be considered as ordered without 
intervention of any motion except one hour of debate and one motion to 
recommit if applicable. The rule provides that debate on the conference 
report is divided pursuant to clause 8(d) of rule XXII. In section 3, 
the rule provides that the Clerk shall not transmit to the Senate a 
message that the House has adopted the conference report to accompany 
H.R. 2810 until notified by the Speaker or by message from the Senate 
that the Senate has passed H.R. 4374 without amendment. Testimony was 
heard from Chairman Thornberry, Chairman Hensarling, and 
Representatives Smith of Washington, Capuano, Graves of Louisiana, Gene 
Green of Texas, Meadows, and Jordan.

Joint Meetings
  No joint committee meetings were held.


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