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[Congressional Record Volume 163, Number 196 (Friday, December 1, 2017)]
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                          HON. SUSAN W. BROOKS

                               of indiana

                    in the house of representatives

                        Friday, December 1, 2017

Mrs. BROOKS of Indiana. Mr. Speaker, I rise today in recognition of Ed Bonach's retirement from an illustrious business career. Ed is a native of Minnesota who went to St. John's College, an all-male Catholic college in Collegeville, Minnesota. Ed has had a 41-year career in life and health insurance, and most recently served as chief executive officer of CNO Financial in Carmel, Indiana. Ed joined CNO Financial Group as Chief Financial Officer in 2007 from National Life Group, where he served as executive vice president and chief financial officer.

Upon Ed's arrival, CNO Financial found itself in a time of severe economic struggle. Following the recession, CNO stock had plummeted to under 30 cents a share. Today, CNO stock trades at more than $25 dollars a share. Additionally, in his time at CNO Financial, the company saw enhanced shareholder value, extended customer reach, and delivered strong financial and operational performance. Specifically, Ed oversaw 17 ratings upgrades as CEO/CFO, a total shareholder return of over 350 percent, increased gender and ethnic diversity to the board at CNO Financial, and the implementation of a common stock dividend in 2012, which resulted in five subsequent increases.

Ed's professional accomplishments are second only to his positive influence on our community. After relocating to Carmel from Vermont, he immediately set out to find organizations to support--along the way making connections with key community leaders to reassure them about the company's future and make himself accessible. Specific achievements include helping launch the Boys Scout's Growing Future Leaders capital campaign to fundraise for scouting and using the CNO Indy Monumental Marathon as a pipeline for shoe donations to the Boy Scouts's Soles 4 Souls program for needy children. Ed also served as Board and Executive Committee Member for Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, Board Member and President of Boy Scouts of America--Crossroads of America Council, and a Board Member for Marion University to name a few.

CNO Financial prides itself on being a valued financial security partner of middle-income America, and Ed embodied that to the fullest. He understood that he didn't just oversee an insurance company, he and the thousands of employees at CNO Financial provided clients and their families services and products that provide peace of mind. I want to extend my best wishes to Ed, his wife of 40 years, Peggy, his two children, and five grandchildren on this next step in their lives. On behalf of all Hoosiers, I thank Ed for his professional contributions as well as his exemplary service and leadership in our community. ____________________

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