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[Congressional Record Volume 163, Number 198 (Tuesday, December 5, 2017)]
[Daily Digest]
[Page D1282]
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                                          Tuesday, December 5, 2017

[[Page D1282]]

                              Daily Digest


      Senate confirmed the nomination of Kirstjen Nielsen, of Virginia, 
      to be Secretary of Homeland Security.


Chamber Action
Routine Proceedings, pages S7825-S7857

Measures Introduced: Three bills were introduced, as follows: S. 2192-
  Page S7848

Measures Reported:
  S. 1223, to repeal the Klamath Tribe Judgment Fund Act, with an 
amendment. (S. Rept. No. 115-190)
  S. 447, to require reporting on acts of certain foreign countries on 
Holocaust era assets and related issues, with an amendment in the 
nature of a substitute.
  S. 2193, to amend title 38, United States Code, to improve health 
care for veterans.
Page S7846
Balash Nomination--Agreement: A unanimous-consent-time agreement was 
reached providing that at a time to be determined by the Majority 
Leader, in consultation with the Democratic Leader, Senate begin 
consideration of the nomination of Joseph Balash, of Alaska, to be an 
Assistant Secretary of the Interior; that there be one hour of debate 
on the nomination equally divided in the usual form, and that following 
the use or yielding back of time, Senate vote on confirmation of the 
nomination, with no intervening action or debate.
  Page S7840
Nominations Confirmed: Senate confirmed the following nominations:
  By 62 yeas to 37 nays (Vote No. EX. 305), Kirstjen Nielsen, of 
Virginia, to be Secretary of Homeland Security. 
                                               Pages S7829-34, S7834-39
  Emily Webster Murphy, of Missouri, to be Administrator of General 
Page S7839, S7857
  Glen R. Smith, of Iowa, to be a Member of the Farm Credit 
Administration Board, Farm Credit Administration, for a term expiring 
May 21, 2022.
Page S7839, S7857

Messages from the House:
  Pages S7844-45

Measures Read the First Time:
  Page S7845

Executive Communications:
  Pages S7845-46

Petitions and Memorials:
  Page S7846

Executive Reports of Committees:
  Pages S7846-48

Additional Cosponsors:
  Pages S7848-49

Statements on Introduced Bills/Resolutions:
  Page S7848

Additional Statements:
  Pages S7843-44

Authorities for Committees to Meet:
  Page S7849

Privileges of the Floor:
  Page S7849

Record Votes: One record vote was taken today. (Total--305) 
                                                             Page S7839

Adjournment: Senate convened at 10 a.m. and adjourned at 6:26 p.m., 
until 10 a.m. on Wednesday, December 6, 2017. (For Senate's program, 
see the remarks of the Majority Leader in today's Record on page 


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