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[Congressional Record Volume 164, Number 8 (Friday, January 12, 2018)]
[Page H173]
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                          ADDITIONAL SPONSORS

Under clause 7 of rule XII, sponsors were added to public bills and resolutions, as follows: H.R. 84: Mr. Duncan of South Carolina. H.R. 392: Mr. Wenstrup. H.R. 620: Mr. Messer, Ms. Jenkins of Kansas, Mr. Reed, and Mr. Higgins of Louisiana. H.R. 632: Ms. Lofgren. H.R. 681: Mr. Smucker and Mr. Williams. H.R. 719: Mr. Russell, Mr. Mooney of West Virginia, Mr. Gowdy, Mr. Webster of Florida, Mr. Posey, and Mr. Carter of Georgia. H.R. 878: Mr. Rothfus, Mr. Allen, Mr. Harris, Mr. Norman, Mr. Yoder, Mr. LaMalfa, and Mr. Chabot. H.R. 912: Ms. Sanchez. H.R. 975: Ms. Tsongas and Ms. McCollum. H.R. 1017: Ms. Sanchez. H.R. 1192: Mr. Renacci and Mrs. Noem. H.R. 1227: Mr. Quigley and Mr. Pocan. H.R. 1268: Mr. Swalwell of California. H.R. 1406: Ms. Herrera Beutler. H.R. 1907: Ms. Jayapal. H.R. 1987: Mr. Garamendi, Ms. Brownley of California, and Mr. Rush. H.R. 2152: Mr. Harper and Mr. Jordan. H.R. 2475: Mr. Soto. H.R. 2669: Ms. Brownley of California. H.R. 2683: Mr. Barr. H.R. 2687: Ms. Eddie Bernice Johnson of Texas and Mr. Ruppersberger. H.R. 2740: Mr. O'Rourke. H.R. 3172: Mr. Walz. H.R. 3282: Mr. Duffy. H.R. 3600: Mr. Sessions, Mr. Biggs, Mr. Allen, Mr. Chabot, Mr. Wilson of South Carolina, and Mr. DesJarlais. H.R. 3780: Mr. Barton, Mr. Long, Ms. Sinema, Ms. Pingree, and Mr. Bucshon. H.R. 4061: Mr. Gonzalez of Texas. H.R. 4079: Ms. Lofgren. H.R. 4099: Mrs. Walorski, Mr. Lamborn, and Mr. Fitzpatrick. H.R. 4143: Mrs. Noem and Mr. Courtney. H.R. 4253: Mr. Connolly. H.R. 4345: Ms. Kaptur, Mr. DeFazio, Mr. Kilmer, and Ms. Jayapal. H.R. 4508: Mr. Wilson of South Carolina, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Roe of Tennessee, Mr. Thompson of Pennsylvania, Mr. Walberg, Mr. Rokita, Mr. Barletta, Mr. Messer, Mr. Byrne, Mr. Brat, Ms. Stefanik, Mr. Allen, Mr. Lewis of Minnesota, Mr. Francis Rooney of Florida, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Garrett, Mr. Smucker, Mr. Ferguson, Mr. Estes of Kansas, and Mrs. Handel. H.R. 4547: Ms. Moore, Ms. Jayapal, Mr. Cartwright, and Ms. Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico. H.R. 4608: Mr. Cramer. H.R. 4610: Mr. Roskam. H.R. 4666: Mr. Peterson and Mr. Fitzpatrick. H.R. 4681: Mrs. Brooks of Indiana. H.R. 4712: Mr. Kustoff of Tennessee, Mr. Francis Rooney of Florida, Mr. Allen, Mr. Rodney Davis of Illinois, Mr. Kinzinger, Mr. Smith of Missouri, and Ms. Cheney. H.R. 4736: Mr. Gohmert. H.R. 4747: Mr. Ruppersberger. H.R. 4760: Mr. Calvert, Mr. Stivers, and Ms. Tenney. H.R. 4774: Mr. Courtney. H.J. Res. 2: Mr. Sessions. H. Con. Res. 63: Mrs. Beatty, Mr. Lawson of Florida, Mr. Deutch, Mr. O'Rourke, Mr. McEachin, Mr. Ruppersberger, Mr. Beyer, and Mr. Yarmuth. H. Res. 35: Ms. Jackson Lee. H. Res. 671: Mr. Biggs and Mr. Grothman. H. Res. 686: Ms. Lee and Mr. Royce of California.

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