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[Congressional Record Volume 164, Number 15 (Monday, January 22, 2018)]
[Page H612]
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  (Mr. WILSON of South Carolina asked and was given permission to 
address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

Mr. WILSON of South Carolina. Mr. Speaker, this weekend, South Carolinians saw the damaging impacts of the Schumer shutdown: 2,200 servicemembers in the South Carolina National Guard who had drill scheduled were forced to go home after driving across the State from all over the Southeast. I know firsthand of the disruption, as a Guard veteran myself and grateful dad of three sons who have served in the Guard overseas.

Additionally, 70 soldiers who were operating on Active Duty Operational Support orders had their orders terminated and will no longer have insurance or income as of today. Approximately 750 Federal technicians who handle mechanics for the South Carolina National Guard will be laid off today.

This is not only devastating to families, it will negatively impact the readiness of our forces, which I recognize as chairman of the Readiness Subcommittee. The Guard has 80 soldiers who were planning to attend necessary training this weekend, but those drills have been canceled, resulting in soldiers not being qualified or eligible for promotion due to missing training.

This serves as a sad example of just the impact on the South Carolina Guard members. Senate Democrats need to stop holding military funding hostage.

In conclusion, God bless our troops, and we will never forget September the 11th in the global war on terrorism. ____________________


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